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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, below description is to explain you, what is Personal Information, which is collected from you, and the Manner we use and share it.

  • Your use of our Services means you agree to our use of your information mentioned in this Privacy Policy.


If you use our Services, it means you agree for collecting, using and sharing your Personal Information used in System, mentioned in the Privacy Agreement (e.g. Cookies, Documents referred in this Privacy Policy) and the User Agreement. We offer you Options, which enables you to Control our Use and Sharing of Your Information.

The Personal Information we Collect

Application “Safeer Graduates” collects information for work only, and for you to have the Best Experience through our Services. Some information which you enter directly, i.e. your Login details for getting results from Databases, or Downloading a file, or for contacting Technical Support.

The Information we collect from the Services You Use, are:

  • National Identification Number

We Collect ID Number for verification for your ID and for querying in from Databases in Some Services

  • Security Credentials

For the purpose of authentication, and to access the Account, we need Passwords.

  • Personal and Qualification Information

We Collect some Personal Information, i.e. e-mail, Mobile Number, Qualification, Major, Age, Gender, Address, and Country for using them for System Services.

  • Information Extracted from the Services You Use

We Collect Information depending upon your use of provided Services, which includes:

  • Access to your stored files:

We Need to Access information stored on your Device ex: Saved and Downloaded Files related to Services.

  • Used Extras (Apps)

We need to access some Technologies on your Device to provide better Services, which are:

  • Messages and Notifications:

We send e-messages as per used Services, for ex: Offered Jobs by Employees, and available Training Programs.

  • Information Disclosure Policy

  • We do not Disclose or Share your Personal Information. The exceptions are Ministry approved Employment and Training Agencies.

  • Students are completely responsible for entered Information. Ministry will not Verify or Correct this Information.

  • Participant Employment and Training Agencies should not use applicant information, other than Employment and Training purposes.

  • Participant Employment and Training Agencies should not share the Applicant Information with other Agencies, or they may face legal ramifications in doing so.


  • Be informed, that we RESERVES the right of changes in this Privacy Policy (Information Secrecy Terms) whenever needed, and we will publish this changes on our Website.